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Mosaic Muse Bracelet: Multicolor Tigers Eye

Mosaic Muse Bracelet: Multicolor Tigers Eye

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Our Mosaic Muse Bracelet is not the traditional bracelet you can buy anywhere. This bracelet is hand-crafted using ancient techniques, while the stone-carved beads are uniquely chosen to provide the most elegance. Each bracelet contains true mystical powers found throughout sacred texts. In ancient India, Tiger's Eye in various colors was considered a powerful protective stone, especially in Buddhist traditions where it was used to guard against negative energies and help in focusing the mind during meditation. The ancient Egyptians utilized multicolored Tiger's Eye to create amulets that would protect the wearer from ill-will and curses. We brought this divine treasure back to life to spread the true power of Multicolor Tiger's Eye. Multicolor Tiger's Eye is a premium stone that is believed to harmonize imbalances in the wearer's life, bringing together emotional and rational thinking. Most stores today sell synthetic or plastic stones. We know this from testing and purchasing products from Amazon and other networks that claimed to be the real deal. Their stones may look good but do not harness the fundamental healing properties ours do. Not only are our bracelets hand-crafted with high-quality stones, but they are also 100% natural. If you ever decide after making your purchase that you are unsatisfied with your order, we provide a 100% money-back guarantee.


Stone Type: Multicolor Tigers Eye

Bead Size: 10mm

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