Charging Crystals in the New Moon: A Mystical Journey

Harnessing the radiant power of the moon to charge and cleanse our precious crystals is a time-honored practice deeply steeped in centuries of mystical tradition. The new moon, a phase symbolizing new beginnings and fresh starts, offers a profound energy for charging crystals. Here's your guide on how to make the most of this lunar phase.

**Understanding The New Moon**

The New Moon is the first lunar phase, where the moon is positioned between Earth and the sun. The moon's side facing us receives no direct sunlight, making it appear dark in the sky. This phase represents potential, renewal, and the ideal time to set intentions or start new projects.

**The Significance of Charging Crystals During a New Moon**

Crystals vibrate with the energy they absorb from their surroundings. Charging them under a New Moon allows the crystals to soak in the potential and freshness of this moon phase. As the moon begins its new cycle, the crystals too start their new energetic cycle, clear and potent.


**How to Charge Crystals in the New Moon**

1. **Cleanse Your Crystals**: Before charging your crystals, they should be cleansed to remove any residual energy. This can be done by running them under cool tap water, burying them in a bowl of salt, or using sage or palo santo smoke.

2. **Set Your Intentions**: As the New Moon is the perfect time to set new intentions, think about what you want your crystals to help you with. It could be attracting love, prosperity, or healing. Hold your crystals in your hand and silently or verbally express your goals.

3. **Moon Bath**: After setting your intentions, place your crystals outside under the moonlight. If outdoor space isn't available, placing them by a window works too. Leave them overnight to bask in the new moon's energy.

4. **Retrieve and Connect**: In the morning, bring your crystals inside and take a moment to hold each one. This is a time to connect with your crystals and feel their enhanced energy.

Charging your crystals during a New Moon can be a fulfilling ritual, providing an opportunity to connect more deeply with yourself and your intentions. Each New Moon offers a fresh start, not only for you but also for your crystals. So, as the night sky darkens and the new lunar cycle begins, your crystals too embark on a new energetic journey, ready to assist you in the days to come.

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